Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apple iPad Features NOT!

Apple has rolled out their new product the iPad and so far it is a hit. I waited a few days before purchasing mine because I wanted to do some research on the product. I first started on the Apple.com website and they had a tab for the iPad. Under that tab there were several sub-tabs, the one of note was the Features tab. As I scrolled down this exhaustive list near the bottom Apple listed iWork as a feature. iWork is Apple's productivity suite that is similar to Microsoft Office. A must have if you want to use the iPad for business. Seeing that this was a feature I was eager to make my way to an Apple Store to purchase the device.

Upon powering up the device and activating it, I was eager to play with the iWork features, only to find that they were missing from my brand new iPad! I called a customer service rep over to help me with my situation only to be infuriated when they replied that iWork is a feature but it is an additional $30 Cost!??! "HOW THE HECK IS THAT A FEATURE?" I quipped. The rep just shrugged and said that it was a very minor cost to add such functionality to my iPad.

I agree that it is a low cost, but I am MAD AS HELL that Apple listed it as a feature and did not even put an asterisk next to it denoting additional costs were required for that functionality.
I have tried via email and calls to the customer support center, to inform Apple of the issue with the way iWork is listed but I have been ignored and am now considering filing a class-action law suit over the matter. I feel this constitutes false advertisement.