Monday, January 19, 2009

30mpg is high mileage????????

I had a Geo Metro actually I have had 3 of them. These cars had a 3 cylinder engine and automatic transmissions and air conditioning. These features are not much to be proud about BUT these cars got an average of 40mpg sometimes more in the city. 

Since when did the US automakers decide that 30mpg was high mileage??? The metro was a sub $10k car that was NOT a hybrid! 

Recently I was fortunate to vacation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and was blown away when I saw this...

The Chevy Tornado! This thing is a cute little pickup truck that gets nearly 35mpg!!! 

Why is this vehicle NOT on the roads of the USA? (and GM needs a bailout...)
It is time that we the citizens of the USA demand that the auto manufacturers give us what we need and stop delivering vehicles for the upper echelon. 

Chrome its not just a pretty metal...

For the past few years the it seems that there has been a growing desire for google to dominate the web. Why not? They seem to know what they are doing. The question on several mainstream users/authors is "When will they have their own browser?"
That wait is over. In the middle of 2008, google quietly announced a new project that had begun public distribution in a beta format. They called it Chrome (  I was so eager to try it that I downloaded it and installed it with out even reading the terms of service or EULA (End Users License Agreement). I know what  your thinking, "Dave come on everyone reads those..." Yeah right! But as it turns out the terms of the agreement basically stated that anything you did using their browser became property of google. This threw the whole tech community in a one day outcry of, "FOUL!" With in 48 hours of its release, google changed the wording of the license to be less demanding. 

It is true that information is king and those who control it shall rule the world. I am now sure that for every little piece of software I put on my system, I will have to read the license very carefully. I advise you to do the same.

Coming up I will review Chrome and tell you that it is probably the best browser available today...