Monday, January 19, 2009

30mpg is high mileage????????

I had a Geo Metro actually I have had 3 of them. These cars had a 3 cylinder engine and automatic transmissions and air conditioning. These features are not much to be proud about BUT these cars got an average of 40mpg sometimes more in the city. 

Since when did the US automakers decide that 30mpg was high mileage??? The metro was a sub $10k car that was NOT a hybrid! 

Recently I was fortunate to vacation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico and was blown away when I saw this...

The Chevy Tornado! This thing is a cute little pickup truck that gets nearly 35mpg!!! 

Why is this vehicle NOT on the roads of the USA? (and GM needs a bailout...)
It is time that we the citizens of the USA demand that the auto manufacturers give us what we need and stop delivering vehicles for the upper echelon. 

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